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Janette Kerr PRWA Exhibition 2012

25 May – 23 June 2012

Also includes
BREON O’CASEY printmaking and painting
PETER HAYES ceramics

Roger Bennett 
Mark Hanvey 
Christy Keeney
Marcus O’Mahony
Joe Hogan
Cóilίn Ó’Dubhghaill

President Royal West of England Academy

‘My paintings represent immediate responses to sound and silences within the landscape around me; they are about movement and the rhythms of sea and wind, swelling and breaking waves, the merging of spray with air, advancing rain and mist, glancing sunlight - elements that seem to be about something intangible. ‘

Janette Kerr is not somebody who makes meticulous studies of landscape. Beyond mere topography, but with a nod towards the Romantic tradition in landscape painting, her practice remains contemporary and experimental. Delighting in sudden and unpredictable changes in the weather, she is very much a painter of the British landscape -a foul-weather painter who enjoys being out in, and
working from the landscape when it’s dark and wet. Charcoal drawings and small paintings made on-site become the basis for larger work on canvas painted in the studio.

Her current preoccupation with the sea has taken her from the coasts of South Wales and Dorset (where she grew up), to the Isle of Skye, Northumbria, and the Ring of Kerry, Ireland. During 2006 and 2008, Kerr was a resident artist at the Cill Rialaig International Art Centre, situated on a small wild and windy peninsula on the edge of the sea in the Ring of Kerry, S Ireland. 2009 found her working on
Shetland as a resident artist. Regular trips to the islands of Skye and Lewis and to Southern Ireland fuel and reinvigorate her work - time spent walking and absorbing - making drawings and paintings which are then worked with in her studio.
The paintings in this exhibition result from her Shetland residency and residences on the west
coast of Ireland.

The Shetland work is her first to use mixed media and figurative representation.

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