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Spring Exhibition 2013

The Stour Gallery has shown and sold Simon’s work for fifteen years to those who respond to the strong colour and tonal qualities of the paint, to the sense of mystery of what might be just under the surface of land and sea and the marking of ancient paths. Simon's architectural training enables him to dispense with much a more obvious painter might include, by ensuring the structure is always there. His handling of paint, his over painting that depends so much on earlier marks and colour; his ability to create and reflect mystery, his drawing that lets a simple line convey a form, are all skills that are strongly evident in this new body of work.

The paintings are of Cornwall; its ancient settlements, landscapes, sea, sky and harbours, in all its sharp light and tonal beauty. Many painters find inspiration for their work in Cornwall - the requisite essentials are all there, few succeed as Simon succeeds, in reducing to essential but recognisable form and colour what lies below and above the surface of land, sky and sea. Sarah Stoten

Simon trained as an architect qualifying in 1980 and practised in Sheffield for twelve years before moving to Cornwall in 1992 to paint full-time. He works in a studio near Land's End and his paintings are exhibited in major galleries in Britain and abroad. As his reputation has grown his work has become greatly sought after. Simon is a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. He continually returns to the discipline of drawing, always carrying a sketchbook, his paints in his studio where his drawings, paradoxically, are rarely directly referred to. "I seem to have had a pencil in my hand for most of my life. The work I do in the studio is based on memory; my drawings are often used for reference. I hardly ever transpose the pencil lines in my sketchbook as paint onto the canvas. The drawing is an
aide-memoir, once made it is stored in my mind and becomes an imprint of a specific moment in time. If I've drawn it, I'll remember it. " Simon Pooley

Simon's drawings and paintings continue to develop in breadth of style and subject, and sheer ability to paint with skill, strength and spirit. He has managed to free himself from the disciplined, detailed accuracy demanded by architecture and has adopted a flexible, flowing style. His paintings are energetic and full of life; his is enhanced by the different techniques and media used; from brushes and pencils to scratching through the paint and the use of collage.

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